The Landscape Lodge

The Landscape Lodge | holiday chalet rental Portes du Soleil

A place for all seasons.
A space to reset.

Landscape Lodge is a sanctuary from the speed of life. Built in a small hamlet on the edge of Abondance in the French Alps, it balances outdoor activity with rest and retreat, an anchor for families, a host for friends and an embrace for those just looking to escape.

The view


In winter, the lodge is framed by snow-covered mountains and white roofs, with sparkling paths ready for footprints. In the summer, the sun glistens on lakes and peeks through woodland trees, with rolling green fields leading you on endless meanders. Year round, the fresh air and unconfined space provide a sense of peace and endless freedom.

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The Landscape Lodge terrace doorway

The Lodge

Built in the familar chalet style with its wooden frame, Landscape Lodge blends into its surroundings, but stands out on the inside. Its interiors combine elegant, modern finishes with unique, traditional touches. Beds are luxuriously comfortable, bathrooms are individually-styled with bold graphic tiles, and French antiques sourced from local markets punctuate each room.

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Cercle sign


Cercle is a small hamlet on the outskirts of Abondance, a traditional French town with a warm and welcoming community. It is ideally placed to offer all the possibilities of this famous region, situated just south of Lake Geneva, in close proximity to renowned ski resorts, beautiful villages and the iconic, unspoilt mountain scenery.

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